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Glad to report that the August yard sale was a great success ! Director Ruth MacDonald changed the format to a "Donation Sale", and people responded. All that was asked was to simply make a donation to help Hebron Historical Society raise funds to support maintenance. People liked the idea, and donated surprisingly well. Thanks to all that helped at the sale, and the necessary cleanup afterwards.    



Hebron Historical Society summer 2020 newsletter
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Saving the East Hebron Train Building

It's the last remaing piece of the East Hebron Train Station.  We are trying our utmost to save the building from demolition. Once it's gone it's gone.


Research into the buildings past is ongoing.


The newest information:


It's Summer 2020, it seems like an eternity since we started trying to get help moving our little building. We are so close to moving the building. Concrete pads have been purchased to set the building on, and we are just waiting for the mover to start the relocation.   


We are still getting donations for the restoration effort albeit slowly, but every dollar counts, and we very much appreciate what has been donated so far. We have set up a seperate account for all donations. Monies in this account are waiting to be used for materials once the building is moved to the new position.  We have already removed the old floor in the office area,  and with some donated funds replaced all the floor joists, and some of the sills in that office area.  


It's not much to look at, but it's been leveled and sits proudly in the field waiting for the move. 



 Remember we have a Go Fund Me page. Simply copy and paste https://www.gofundme.com/east-hebron-maine-train-building into your address field on your browser. 


We accept donations any way you can donate. Many have chosen to send money directly to the Hebron Historical Society, some have dropped them off at the local Hebron Storekeepers store next to our restoration site. The Hebron Town Office is another good oppurtunity.