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A few interested individuals over the years have copied portions of our Hebron cemeteries for their own personal use. None, to my knowledge, have attempted to record all of them or to make their find-ings available to the general public. The Hebron Historical Society is pleased to correct this oversight.
The compiler has carefully visited and searched each cemetery in Hebron and noted down each gravestone inscription. Every attempt has been made to accurately transcribe and record this information. We hope the researcher will find it of value.
Compiled for the Town of Hebron and MOCA Maine Old Cemetery Association. June 1999
L. Bowman Sturtevant

The following is a list of cemeteries and the directions to the cemetery in the town of Hebron, Maine. Cemeteries in the 1800's were generally for family and close friends/relatives. Thus, the cemetery name is a family surname.

A listing of interments in the Hebron Cemeteries can be obtained by purchasing Publication #80, Hebron Cemeteries, listed on the Publication page of our site.
  • Bearce, Asa, Cemetery, 1820
  • Bearce, Gideon, Cemetery, 1820
  • Bicknell Cemetery, 1808
  • Bog Brook Cemetery, 1807
  • Bryant/Record Cemetery, 1810
  • Churchyard Cemetery, 1800
  • Davee Cemetery, 1838
  • East Hebron Cemetery, 1814
  • Farris/Whitman Cemetery, 1835
  • Fuller Cemetery, 1853
  • Greenwood Mountain Cemetery, 1807
  • Maple Ridge Cemetery, 1801
  • Merrill Hill Cemetery, 1805
  • Madison Chesley Cemetery/Merrill Chesley Cemetery, 1805
  • Perkins Cemetery, 1840
Also listed with the Hebron records is that of Shepardsfield Burying Ground, 1788 now in the town of Oxford. From Hebron Corner take Rt 119 west on South Paris road. First left on East Oxford/Hebron Road. After 2 1/2 miles take another left at the 2nd crossroads on Sam Rowe Hill Road. 1/2 mile on left atop Sam Rowe Hill. Next to road and enclosed by stone walls. [copied by L. B. Sturtevant in 1999]

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