Fall 2023 Newsletter
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What's New 

We would love you to join us !
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  We continue to improve our building with your support. Currently electric power is being added to our second floor (half way complete), and our first floor is undergoing minor renovations from old water  water damage. Also we are reorganizing our inside layout to serve the public better, and are working toward an open house. 





Doesn't look like much does it ! It's however the remaing piece of the East Hebron Train Station.  We are trying our utmost to save the building from demolition. Once it's gone it's gone.

Research into the buildings past is ongoing. If you happen to haver any old photos we would really like to see them.


The latest information:

Much has changed this season, and I am certainly late to update you on our progress. I am pleased to report that we have jacked up the building, and installed a number of cement piers to support and level the building. The shingles on the rear roof were removed. A number of roof rafters were replaced along with trim boards from the peak and rear edge. New boards were installed where needed. The rear roof now has been shingled. We then turned our attention to the front roof. Shingles and old rotten trim boards have been removed. Shingles have also been removed and new trim boards from th epeak to the front have been installed. We have replacement roofing boards ready with the shingles. Do the cold weathe seting in the front half of the roof has been tarped awaiting spring. We are slowly changing this little building in a positive direction. Next Spring a local Boy Scout has a project to earn his Eagle Scout badge by building a platform along the front with steps to the right side to allow entry to the old storage area, another small platform with steps on the rear by the storage door. We are glad he is headed toward his Eagle Scout Badge a worthy endeavor for sure.     



We are still getting donations for the restoration effort albeit slowly, but every dollar counts, and we very much appreciate what has been donated so far. We have set up a seperate account for all donations. Monies in this account are waiting to be used for materials. We use funds for repalcement floor joists, roof rafters, shingles and nails and screws.   

Saving the East Hebron Train Building


 Remember we have a Go Fund Me page. Simply copy and paste https://www.gofundme.com/east-hebron-maine-train-building into your address field on your browser. 


We accept donations any way you can donate. Many have chosen to send money directly to the Hebron Historical Society, some The Hebron Town Office is another good oppurtunity.