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"The Hebron Historical Society has published a collection of books and papers from the their archives as our attempt to bring to our members and friends a representative sampling of the history of the Town of Hebron. These papers and documents reveal a life and time from Shepardsfield's earliest years to present-day Hebron. Many of the talks and addresses were submitted during the early meetings back in the 1970's and have added immeasurably to efforts to preserve and disseminate the records and artifacts of the Town for our future generations.

We are indebted to the officers and directors of the Society for their dedication and patience in proofreading many times and adding their suggestions and corrections. Their interest in the Town is matched only by that of those members and friends who have sharred their knowledge, experiences, and passions over the years. We anticipate that our readers will find the discourses pleasurable and enlightening, adding to their appreciation of Hebron's rich history."

The publications below can be ordered by copying, completing and mailing the order form,
to the address at the top of the form.

The following seven books are part of the above mentioned collection of books and papers and are available at the Hebron Town Office or by Special Order.

Pub # Book Title Price
1 Early History $10
2 The Town and Educatin $10
3 The Churchs and Burial Grounds $10
4 Social History and Industries $10
5 Appendix/Index $10
6 Western Maine Sanatorium $25
7 A Way Through The Wilderness
(Hebron's Oldest Roads) by Charles Tobie
Pub # Book Title Price
10 Winfield Scott Bearce Diaries
1890, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1896, 1899
1900, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1907, 1908, 1911, 1912
20 Levi Bearce Merrill Diaries
1866, 1867, 1870
1880 to 1884, 1886 to 1889
1890, 1893, 1894, 1897, 1898, 1899
30 Phoebe Cushman Merrill Diary - 1868
She lived in Hebron & Lewiston while working
in Lewiston

Henry H. Merrill Diary 1898 - 1899
The story of his travel to Alaska to mine gold.



Hebron Town Records - Birth & Death, 1700 - 1900 Volume 1

Hebron Town Records - Birth & Death, 1700 - 1900 Volume 2





60 Hebron Town Records containing:
1. Vital Records 1831 - 1880
2. Non-Resident Taxes 1870 - 1890
3. Town Collector 1870 - 1894
70 Hebron Town Records, Hebron, Maine 1792 - 1815


80 Hebron Cemeteries (listing interments in 15 cemeteries
in Hebron plus the Shepherdsfield Burying Ground
in Oxford, Maine
The following publications are available only through Special Order
The diaries were written by persons who lived and worked in Hebron.
To order publications, please list the publication name and your complete mailing address and mail to Hebron Historical Society, P.O.Box 294, Hebron, ME 04238. Also please include your phone number and email address along with the correct payment due. We accept personal checks and money orders ONLY. Amount due includes the listed price for the books ordered plus 5.5% state sales tax if mailed to a Maine address and postage. Postage is $3.95 for the first book ordered and then an additional 50 cents for each additional book ordered.

Questions concerning the above publications can be directed to the society archivist.

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