An act to incorporate the plantation called SHEPARDSFIELD in the County of Cumberland, to have said Plantation with the inhabitants thereon incorporated into a town, and the same being considered of Public utility,

Be it enacted, by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled and by the authority of the same, that the plantation called Shepardsfield in the County of Cumberland, bounded as follows,viz:

Begining at a stake and stones near Thompson's Pond, so called, seven miles and a quarter northwest from a beach tree, in the head line of New Gloucester, which tree is four miles northwest from the most westerly corner of said New Gloucester, and from said stake and stones north forty fived degrees east twelve miles to a white pine tree, thence north twenty degrees east three hundred and fifty poles to a stake and stones, thence north seventy degrees west four miles and a half to a beach tree, thence south fourteen degrees east seven hundred and thirty six poles to a pine tree, thence south sixty eight degrees and a half west five miles, thence north fourteen degrees west two miles, thence south fifty four degrees west twelve hundred and sixteen poles to a hemlock tree, thence south twenty five degrees east seven miles and a half and twenty poles to the stake and stones first mentioned, together with the inhabitants thereon be and hereby are incorporated into a town by the name of Hebron, and vested with all the powers, privileges and immunities which towns in this Commonwealth do or may by Law enjoy.

And be it further enacted that William Widgery Esqr. be and hereby is empowered to make out a warrant, directed to some principal inhabitant of said town to notify the inhabitants thereof qualified by law to vote in Town affairs to assemble and meet at some suitable time and place in said town to choose all such Town Officers as towns are required by law to choose in the month of March or April, annually. March 6, 1762

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